Reviews we have received from our visitors.

Very special Tents Indeed

Recently we have visited Ahimsa Glamping Resort. The venue is very spacious and each tent has it’s own private pool, how nice it that! The Yoga Tent is positioned in a secluded area surrounded by a beautiful garden. The Tamega river is very near and nice to walk around. We are looking forward to hosting the opening ceremony of this new venue.

The Fat Yogi's, Marcel

Loved everything!

We had never done gampling and I confess that we are not camping fans but everything was perfect. It was great to have the opportunity to try it out. The tent was excellent. The beds were wonderful as well as the pillows and bedding. Very comfortable to sleep! The place is very cozy and peaceful. Very good! The food was excellent! We love it! In short: we love everything, including all of you! We hope to have the opportunity to return!

Christine Placido